Hey guys, what a funny weekend.


For your Information:

Germany was hit by severe winter weather ( „Daisy“)this weekend. The News told us to stay at home if it’s possible, because it’s to dangerous to leave the house.

Unfortunately our good friend celebrating her Birthday at her parent’s house, which isn’t in Cologne, on Saturday.  The parent’s house is in a village in the Sauerland, where the weather was worse than in the Rheinland. But nevertheless 5  of us didn’t mind  the winter storm, a train journey,which took almost 3 hours (and a lot of luggages), and the fact that we hadn’t got time (because next week we have an important medicine-text) to attend her party.

Having arrived we were picked up by a friend,who’s parents living there,too. We drove to her house and put our luggages there. Than we drove to the party.

To be honest…. the party was a flop. Not only that we were pretty exhausted by the long journey, but also more than  30 people (of 40 party-gasts) didn’t come ( I think,because of the weather). The mood was so bad, but after a few hours, the whole atmosphere changed. We said to ourself that we risked so much to be and support her,so we put us into good humour, and start the party just with 10 people. At first, our friend was so sad about the fact that so many friends of her didn’t come, but after seeing us to party she was so touched and did it too. It was so funny.

At 4am we all went to bed. But the night wasn’t so long. At 7.30am the alarm clock woke us up, and after a wonderful breakfast we went outside and had a snowball fight. Than we just laid down in the snow, holding our hands and we enjoyed the snowflakes,which fell down our faces.Than one of us stood up looked at the others and sait: „It’s so good to be with you, I love you guys“. We all looked at each other and without to say something we all thought the same. We were never be alone.

Than we stood up, took our luggages and went to the trainstation to drive back to cologne.

What I want to say is, it’s so important to have good friends. There was a time, where I thought that I can do everything alone. I just needed my family. But after knowing my good friends right now, I realised that there are people, who I really care about and they care about me,too. And this feeling, not to be alone, is so perfectly wonderful.